By combining engineered strength with the warmth and beauty of wood, structural glued laminated timber (glulam) offers designers a multitude of options for large, open spaces with the minimum number of columns.
Structural glued laminated timber is manufactured by bonding assemblies of high-strength, kiln-dried timber, with waterproof adhesives. Special bonding techniques allow individual lumber pieces to be joined end-to-end to form long laminations, then face-bonded to form deep timbers. Capelam and lamtico are manufactured in both softwood and hardwood species. Popular species include Oregon Pine, Southern Cape Pine, Saligna and Meranti. Laminated Saligna beams are extremely popular for external use and ours enjoy a vibrant export market - attesting to the very high quality of our laminating process, product quality control and certification.


The laminating process allows timbers to be produced in a variety of shapes from straight beams to graceful, curved arches. This architectural adaptability allows glulam to extend the enduring qualities of wood into applications as varied as individual designers’ imaginations.
Common uses in residential construction include ridge beams, garage door headers, door and window headers, columns and posts. The high strength and stiffness of our laminated Saligna, Meranti and Pine beams make them ideal for long-span girders and beams needed for commercial construction.

The size of structural glued laminated timber members is limited only by transportation and handling constraints. At lamtico widths up to 210 mm are manufactured using single laminations across the width. Typical depths range from 106 mm to 363 mm, but Lamtico can manufacture a straight 13,2 m beam of 1200 mm in depth.

CLICK HERE to view the Technical Data Sheet for our Laminated Beams.
At Lamtico specially graded, hand selected laminations with high strength and stiffness properties are carefully positioned within timbers to create glulam members with exceptional structural properties. The highest grades of lumber are used in the areas of greatest stress, with lower grades used where strength is not as critical. This lay-up concept makes very efficient use of the timber resource. In a typical glulam beam, stresses are highest near the top and bottom of the member, so the highest grades are placed near the surfaces, with lower grades placed in the core.
We recently tested for SATAS grade 12 certification and passed with flying colours. In fact the majority of our random test batch achieved slightly below grade 16 - previously unheared of in South Africa for laminated pine beams or any laminated timber beams for that matter.
Apart from the superior timber that we hand select, every single piece in our Capelam beams is moisture and density tested, then hand graded and optimised for maximum strength and minimum deflection.

Lamtico® is the only South African company using Purbond S409 Adhesives specifically designed for laminated beams. CLICK HERE to visit the Purbond website.

Lewis Siberbauer is in charge of Quality Control at Lamtico.
He has been involved in laminated beam manufacture since 1967 and his wealth of experience is well respected in the industry. He has taken the QC process to a new level at Lamtico – whilst Industry Standards require only Random Testing of MOE (stiffness) for compliance, because it is such a good predictor of all the other strength factors in a beam, Lewis ensures that EVERY beam is tested for MOE and graded accordingly. Of course he also performs all the other tests required for adherence to Industry Standards!


CAPELAM is our registered proprietary name. The values built in to roof and truss design software often refer to Capelam when producing a Bill of Materials. There is only one producer of Capelam in South Africa and that is us.
Don't confuse any laminated beam with being Capelam - ours have an MOE of 10 500 Newtons attached to them. Most other laminated beams in South Africa are only grade 5 with an MOE of only 7800 Newtons - way less stiff and inclined to deflect under far less of a load.

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